Musical Theater Survival Guide

The Musical Theater Survival Guide gives you the tools you and your technicians need to improve intelligibility and sound quality at your musical or other theatrical production.  Want to know why you get feedback on your microphones?  Want to know how to make your actors heard over the orchestra?  This is the workshop for you!  During our time together we will talk about the how, when, and why of microphone placement, tips for orchestra reinforcement, how to optimize your loudspeaker placement, and much more.  This broad level overview assumes that participants have a basic understanding of sound systems and their usage and focuses primarily on tips and tricks for getting the most of our system for musical theater.

1 hour - $300*

Sound Reinforcement Primer

For anyone who wants to understand the basics of live sound for theater, the Sound Reinforcement Primer is the right choice.  This class, designed for novices as well as those with a more advanced understanding of sound, begins with a discussion about the physics of sound and continues with lessons about the parts and pieces of a sound system, advice on microphone usage and placement on actors as well as instruments, a how, when, and why about monitors, and tips for creating better mixes.  If the venue has an installed sound system, the workshop will include specific advice and training on the local equipment.  Participants will learn how to get the most of out the equipment they have and suggestions on ways to improve or upgrade their systems.

2 hours - $550*

Sound Effects Design for Theater

Of all the senses, sound is the one most closely tied to memory.  Sound effects can enhance a theatrical production in ways many people don't even consider.  This workshop focuses on how, when, and why to use sound during your production.  Beginning with a discussion about how to analyze a script, the workshop focuses on how to work with the director and the rest of the design team, how to choose and create sound effects, what software is available and how to make it work for you, and how to design a playback system that will realize your vision for the show.  This is a workshop that focuses on sound as an art form.

2 hours - $550*

Complete Basics of Sound Design

If you want a complete overview of what a sound designer does and how to do it, this workshop can give it to you.  Combining our workshops on both live sound reinforcement for theater and theatrical sound effects design, this 3 hour workshop covers all of the basics of sound design.  Special attention will be given to training on the local sound system, giving you a better idea of how to get the most out of what you have.

3 hours - $800*



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